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Here at Churchers, our property conveyancing solicitors understand that buying and selling your home are known to be among some of the most stressful things you will do in your adult life.

We aim to remove some of that burden from our clients by providing property conveyancing services they know they can trust. Our experienced team of residential property solicitors can help guide you through this often complicated process. We are on hand to help negotiate and exchange contracts as well as handling completion day.

In recent years, telephone and internet-based ‘bulk conveyancers’ have become an ‘easy’ option, however, there are real risks associated with this impersonal approach. When you choose to enlist the services of our knowledgeable team of buying and selling property solicitors, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are in safe hands.

Our team of property conveyancing solicitors is on hand to provide you with a personal and easy-to-understand service that you can rely on. Whether you are looking for a solicitor for selling or buying a house, we’re here to ensure that the house purchase or sale goes smoothly.

Our property conveyancing services
Our team of experienced property conveyancing solicitors can advise you on:
    • Selling your home/property
    • Purchasing your home/property
    • Mortgaging your property
    • Remortgaging your property
    • Releasing equity funds from your property
    • New build purchase

If you are thinking of selling your home and are not sure what to do next, the below information may be helpful. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team today.

The Land Registry is currently experiencing processing delays. Please read our news article for more information.

How to sell your house

Our team of property conveyancing solicitors gave us these top tips:

Check your finances
Can you afford to sell? If you are within a mortgage term, are you in a position to pay it off early and will there be any redemption fees or penalties? Make sure you have all of your finances worked out before making the decision to sell.

Make your home look its best
Our property solicitors advise that the key to selling a home is to make it look clean, tidy and clutter-free. Make the most of the space you have available and think about how other home buyers might want to use it. Social media platforms, such as Instagram or Pinterest can help with finding inspiration.

Get your property valued
Ask for too much and you risk putting people off and ask for too little and risk not getting as much as you could have.

Get a few estate agents in and do your research on local house prices. Be sure to get examples from estate agents of similar homes that have sold for the amount they are suggesting.

Once you have worked this out, set an asking price that you are comfortable with. Agents will advise you but it is your decision in the end.

Instruct an agent and help with the marketing
Your agent will send over a photographer, so you must ensure the house is in perfect condition. This might mean hiding clutter away or making sure any pets are out of the house.

You could also share the house listing on local social media groups to help drum up more interest.

How will you prepare for the viewings? Will you host them or have the agent do it on your behalf? If you are going to host, think about the order in which you will show the rooms. It’s also worth considering the key selling points of the property. This might include things such as catchment schools, transport connections and important information about the local area.

Hire a specialist solicitor when selling your home
It’s important to instruct a solicitor to take care of the many legal aspects of selling a property. Our team is available to undertake this responsibility.

Our team of property conveyancing solicitors would recommend considering offers carefully and negotiating if possible. If you have multiple offers, then ensure you find out about each bidder’s situation and ask questions such as:

Are they in a chain?
Are their finances in order?
When would they be looking to move?

The best offer may not be from the bidder offering the most money.

Start house hunting
It’s advisable to wait until you have a firm offer on your current property before beginning the search for a new home. Not having an offer in place could mean that you are deemed less desirable than other buyers who are in a position to proceed more quickly. This could result in you missing out on a property you love. Read our how-to-buy-a-house guide here for more information.

Exchange contracts and Completing
The exchanging of contracts is a big moment as it is the point at which the deposit is paid and your home is officially sold. The completion date is the final day by which you must have moved out of the property.

Buying a New Build property
If you are considering purchasing a New Build, this guide will help you. Since the process is slightly different, we have a specialised team who will gladly support you with your purchase.

Equity Release
We have written about all the things to consider before releasing equity from your home , take a look here to find out more.

Selling a Leasehold Property/Lease Extensions
If you own a leasehold property and you are thinking of selling, you may wish to check and extend your lease. A longer lease will make the property look more desirable for buyers. Please read our helpful article here.

Property Conveyancing Services
Are you looking for professional solicitors to help you with buying or selling a house? Our team of experienced property conveyancing solicitors can provide expert guidance and support.

We can help you navigate each step with confidence and will work tirelessly to ensure a smooth process. To learn more about how our solicitors can help, please get in touch with our friendly team today.

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