Lasting Powers of Attorney

As you get older, it’s important to plan for the future.

There may come a time when you are unable to look after your affairs, whether through mental incapacity or ill-health. There are a few things you can do to safeguard your interests.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

These are essential to ensure your affairs remain in order if you are unable to manage them yourself. These documents appoint people you trust to look after your affairs if you no longer can. There are two options available to you:

  • Property and Financial Affairs – appointing Attorneys to make decisions about your bank accounts, investments, and any other property you own.

  • Health and Welfare – appointing Attorneys to make decisions such as where you wish to live and decisions about medical treatment.

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Court of Protection

If your friend or a loved one has lost mental capacity and they have not made the appropriate Lasting Power of Attorney, you will need to apply to the Court of Protection to appoint someone to look after their affairs. In what can be a stressful time, our team are on hand to help you with the application process and guide you every step of the way. For more information on this, please click here.

Other services

We can also help you with General Powers of Attorney, Advanced Medical Decisions, and Wills. Please contact us if you would like assistance with any of the above.

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