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Renting a commercial property, whether you are the landlord or tenant, can be incredibly rewarding or stressful, depending on the relationship between the two parties.

To enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship, it’s important that both sides keep to their legal obligations.

Whether you’re a commercial landlord or tenant, Churchers commercial property solicitors can help you with legal advice about all types of commercial premises, including office, retail, marine and industrial. As your dedicated team of landlord and tenant solicitors, we act on your behalf protecting your best interests by ensuring that the process runs smoothly.

If you’re a landlord, you’re subject to legislation on a whole host of matters, including:

  • Safety of the premises
  • Fair treatment of tenants
  • Fair treatment of disabled tenants
  • Environmental obligations

Our team of commercial property lawyers will help you to draw up watertight agreements and contracts, which will not only fulfill your obligations but also set clear boundaries for both tenant and landlord.

Sometimes, despite the efforts of both parties, things don’t go to plan. When this happens, our team of professional landlord and tenant solicitors will be on hand to assist with dispute resolution.

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