Resolving A Dispute

If you’re facing a dispute, our aim is to resolve your situation as quickly, painlessly, and inexpensively as possible.

We don’t recommend litigation as your first point of call. Often, a dispute mediation service can assist you in resolving your situation without the stress of a court case.


To keep you out of court, we first recommend mediation. This is often quicker and more effective. Courts can fine parties who don’t mediate without good cause, so it’s best to try this first.

We have several trained and accredited mediators in our dispute resolution services. So, we can ensure you have the right case for negotiation, and that whatever you agree is watertight.

Litigation Solicitors

Sometimes court is the only option. If you get to this stage, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands. We have an excellent court success rate, so we’ll get the right agreement for you, whatever the dispute.

We have our own network of experts at your disposal including:

  • Surveyors
  • Expert witnesses
  • Forensic accountants
  • Specialist barristers

We’ll fight your corner with everything we’ve got. And you’ll be kept up to date with the costs every step of the way.

How to resolve a dispute with a neighbour

We are always told to love thy neighbour but, what if that is not happening? There are many reasons why neighbours can argue but the best course of action is to get it resolved as quickly and as easily as possible, either personally or by consulting with solicitors specialising in neighbour disputes.

Here are the steps to take to try and resolve the situation:

  • Speak to them calmly about the issue and the effect it is having on you. Find out why the issue is happening and if there is a way of compromising between you and your neighbour.
  • If this does not help then you could try to contact their landlord or local authority if they are renting the property.
  • The next step could be suggesting a dispute mediation service to help get you together for a productive conversation. A mediator can’t give you the answers but can provide an environment for you both to air your views and find a way to move forward.
  • If the issue is a statutory nuisance (such as dog barking or loud music) then you could contact your local authority for them to address the issue. Do this in writing and ensure you are factual in your communication.
  • If your neighbour is breaking the law by harassing you or using threatening behaviour then contact your local police.
  • The last course of action would be taking legal action through the courts. If it gets to this point then ensure you have advice and support from an experienced personal disputes solicitor.

Our team of experts can offer the advice and support you need.  Please call 02392 820 747.

If you have questions about the Small Claims Court, see our Small Claims guide for details on each step of the process.

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I have been dealing with Andrew Bryan at Churchers Solicitors regarding a recent dispute. He has been professional throughout the process, always providing me with regular progress reports. His relentless attitude and perseverance towards a rather difficult situation meant we achieved our goals and aspirations set out in our first appointment. I would recommend Andrew and Churchers for all aspects of Law.
Harvey Stokes