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Churcher’s property dispute lawyers are here to give you a cost-effective solution to your property dispute while minimising future risk.

Property ownership disputes are rarely straightforward and can be caused by a wide range of circumstances including inheritance, divorce, cohabitation agreements or the buying and selling of property. You might be a landowner who is unable to reach an agreement with the neighbour about the boundary of your property, or perhaps a landlord with a difficult tenant.

All types of property disputes can be lengthy and stressful. At Churchers, we have an expert team of solicitors dealing with property disputes who can bring your property issues to a timely and satisfactory conclusion.

Some examples of property disputes are:

  • As a landlord, having problems with tenants can be both disruptive to your business and threaten your future income. Understanding your options and taking early action can mean the difference between success and failure.
  • For tenants having difficulties with management companies, for example negotiating the terms of a new lease, our property dispute solicitors can provide the expertise you need for a swift and effective resolution.
  • Several marriages are also often the cause of property disputes, especially after family bereavements, when disagreements regarding the distribution of the family property might occur.
  • For cohabits, being a common-law spouse can also mean not having a share in the partner´s property unless certain criteria can be proved.

Whether it’s your home or business premises, your property is likely to be a significant investment. Our property dispute lawyers can help you preserve and protect it against legal claims from others. Our focus is always on achieving a cost-effective solution to protect you – and your business – and minimise future risk. Not every property dispute develops into a courtroom battle.

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