Business Dispute and Litigation

When a dispute arises in business it doesn’t always have to come to court litigation. In fact, at Churchers we view court as a last resort.

Our highly experienced team of specialist business dispute and litigation solicitors are able to use their knowledge within the field to wherever possible find alternative resolutions.

Sadly disputes cannot always be avoided and where they do arise the dispute needs to be handled very carefully. By appointing a business litigation solicitor to act on your behalf you can have peace of mind knowing that you are in expert hands.

A dispute can range from partnership issues, company disputes, professional negligence and much more.

Negotiation and mediation resolve issues much faster and with much less conflict. Our business dispute lawyers will exhaust all avenues before we resort to court action to get you a favourable outcome.

If it does come to court, you can rest easy; Churchers have a fantastic win-ratio in commercial litigation cases.  In more complicated cases, we’ll offer you access to our network of experts, including specialist barristers, expert witnesses, and forensic accountants.

Regardless of the reasoning behind your business dispute, our solicitors will act on your behalf to achieve the best possible outcome.

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